Nellie McClung Girls Junior High Program

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Why Choose Nellie?


it's the best Junior high experience !

We are a close-knit community consisting of special friendships that will last a lifetime. It is like a sisterhood. We form really strong relationships not only with our peers but with our teachers. We know that we can count on their support and guidance. 

Going to Junior High can be a nerve wracking experience, but when you are part of the Nellie McClung program, it just feels different. You don't have to worry about fitting in because all girls are accepted, respected and supported.

We are expected to be the best that we can be. That means we are encouraged to leave our comfort zone and try new experiences. It's not difficult to achieve success in our studies, because our teachers are amazing and give us the tools we need to succeed.

You know you're a Nellie when:

  • It feel like you've got 20 other sisters.
  • You can walk down the hall and say hello to every single girl by name.
  • You can have a huge conversation about what’s happening in world on the way to your locker and back.
  • You find your voice and speak up loudly on issues that matter.
  • When you see second-graders in the hallway, you always say hi. They're your reading buddies, after all.