Nellie McClung Girls Junior High Program

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is the Nellie McClung Program a private school? 

No! The Nellie McClung Girls' Junior High Program is one of the many alternative programs (Programs of Choice) offered by Edmonton Public Schools. 

Q. Does the Nellie McClung Program charge fees? 

Students may need to pay some fees to cover the costs of field trips and other activities but the costs are often subsidized by NLMES.   The students must purchase uniforms at an average cost of about $350. (Remember that your daughter will wear it for three years.)

Q. Is there bus service to the sites? 

Both schools are served by public transit. Bus connections bring students to Oliver from the Corona LRT station and Churchill Square. Avonmore also has bus service.  The planned Southeast to West LRT line (Valley Line) will have a stop at 73 Ave. and 83 St. (approximate completion date 2019). 

Q. Is the curriculum at Nellie McClung the same as other Edmonton Public Junior High Schools?

Yes. The core curriculum is the same. Each school offers its own set of options, activities and athletic opportunities. 

Q With all the other activities that students do, is there enough time spent on the core subjects? 

Yes. Our timetable is arranged so that the time spent on core subjects exceeds the minimum standard set by Alberta Education. 

Q. What if I want my daughter to attend Nellie McClung, but she is hesitant to do so? 

It's best if everyone is enthusiastic about the Nellie McClung Program from the very beginning. Encourage your daughter to explore the website, especially the 'Why Choose Nellie?' section which was written by the students and shows how they feel about the program.  Attend an Open House where you and your daughter will be able to chat with the Nellies, alumni, teachers and parents about the program. This will allow you and your daughter to choose the best junior high for her.


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