Nellie McClung Girls Junior High Program

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Girl Power

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Nellies Go For It...

Girl Greatness starts here!  A single gender environment teaches us that there is enormous power and potential in being a girl.  We encourage each other to achieve our goals and "go for it".  Our values and capabilities have nothing to do with how we look.  We can follow our interests and ambitions without sparing a single thought or backward glance on how male students may perceive us.

"In high school I was baffled by how few girls were willing to speak up in class, and how those who did often apologised for their thoughts and opinions and /or used passive language.  Speaking up at Nellie wasn't just encouraged, it was mandatory"  Nellie McClung graduate

We are always encouraged to try non-typical fields in sports and academics.  The top kid in every team and class is a girl!  It's really fun to challenge yourself and enjoy junior high with a ton of girl peer models.