Nellie McClung Girls Junior High Program

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Program Overview

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Teamwork, Independence & Initiative 

Single gender all girls school may not be for every young woman. Just those that one day want to rule our cities, our states and our world
— Tom Hanks, actor and parent

Nellie McClung Girls' Junior High Program is one of the Edmonton Public School - Alternative Programming options and is not a private school.

It is an innovative, single-gender program where we empower girls to lead, challenge and change the world.

Some parents and educators think that an all girls school creates a falsely safe space by removing a girl from the influences of the opposite sex.  This unrealistic environment, they contend, may render her ill-prepared for co-ed life.

We disagree.  Her world will continue to include boys and men - at home and on weekends.  Finding her voice, collaborating on projects and excelling in academics will prepare her for a purposeful life.  She is free to experiment and explore, trying out new things and trying on new roles.

When you combine strong female mentors and positive role models, reduced sex stereotyping and abundant learning opportunities, the results are clear.  Single gender schools for girls provide greater opportunity for educational attainment, curriculum and course placement, leadership behavior, number of years in formal education and occupational achievement.*  

National Coalition of Girls Schools    *

Parental Involvement

The program is supported by The Nellie L McClung Educational Society. A collaborative partnership among parents, staff, students, community, business and learning institutions will maximize student learning.  We invite your input by attending NLMES meetings whenever possible.  Parents are always needed to volunteer for various school activities.  Even a few hours will make a difference!

Learn More

If you have questions about the program, please contact us via the website or apply directly to the school.

Are we a Fit for your Daughter?

If you can answer 'yes' to the following questions, the Nellie McClung program may be right for your daughter.

  • Is my daughter motivated to do her best academically?
  • Will my daughter wear a uniform with pride?
  • Do I want my daughter to learn and grow in an environment that fosters the development of an independent and personal voice?
  • Do I want the best junior high experience for my daughter?